GDPR-Identity - Data Identification

Track Country Ownership of IP Addresses as it changes overtime!

IP Geolocation Services often only tell you where they believe an IP Address may currently be located, and not which country actually owns it!
What's worse, there is no way to tell who historically owned that IP Address at the time you stored your data!
All of your assumptions about your data are based off of their current dataset!
Knowing WHEN and WHERE ownership of an IP Address was held, will help you identify what data laws apply.
Search our API with any IP Address and Timestamp to find which country owned that IP Address!

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Change of Ownership Examples

Here are some example of IP Address lifetime ownership:

19910604 20031126 20110204 20140625 20160815
Austria (First Country - GDPR Subject) European Union (Second Country - GDPR Subject) Unallocated Hong Kong (Third Country) Netherlands (Fourth Country - GDPR Subject)

19821113 20110324 20180530
Unallocated United States (First Country) Great Britain (Second Country - GDPR Subject)

20120103 20120711 20130426 20170512
European Union (First Country - GDPR Subject) Unallocated Netherlands (Second Country - GDPR Subject) United States (Third Country)

20000427 20021003 20121002 20150317
Spain (First Country - GDPR Subject) Côte d'Ivoire (Second Country) Unallocated Cabo Verde (Third Country)